Trust, Safety & Insurance

Our Commitment to Safety

Smart Shop aims to pick, pack, and deliver your goods in the safest and most efficient way possible. We ensure our drivers operate in an appropriate manner through proper training protocols and telemetry devices connected to each vehicle. Each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned at the end of every route to promote a healthy working environment, for not only our drivers, but for our customers as well.

In-App Safety Features

The smart shop Delivery app allows customers to track their packages in real time. This additional piece of transparency gives users the ability to make the most of their limited time and plan around their delivery. Additionally, smart shop takes our customer's financial safety very seriously. Our encrypted database and insurance protection ensures that all of our customers' data is safe and properly protected.


At smart shop, we recognize trust and transparency is key in any relationship. We aim to create a community based around our three core pillars: customer obsession, efficiency, and practicality. The customer is at the heart of smart shop's operations, hence their importance surrounding our business practices.

Smart Shop only conducts business with legitimate establishments who have a positive record. This ensures our customers will consistently receive quality products from smart shop's partnered stores. smart shop's drivers go through a comprehensive background check, which includes; work history, criminal history, and driving history. It is important we operate with a quality driving fleet, as they are on the front line of customer interaction. Applicants with dangerous criminal backgrounds are NOT employed.


Drivers hired by smart shop are expected to have had previous parcel delivery experience. Our drivers' previous experience, as well as smart shop's tailored training program, promotes proper handling and care of our customers' goods. Furthermore, smart shop is backed by the proper insurance policies to cover any and all internal and external losses and liabilities.


Customer support is available 9 - 5, Tuesday - Sunday.
Visit our FAQs page or reach out to us via email with any questions or concerns


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