Smartshops Tips for Ordering Food & Groceries during Coronavirus

Choose Contactless Delivery

Both the CDC and FDA agree that there’s no evidence the coronavirus is transmitted through food. The greatest risk comes from person-to-person contact, which is why contactless delivery is such a great option. Set a table or mat outside the front door for your delivery items and let the delivery service know where to leave your food or groceries when you place the order. Pay with a credit card and there’s no need to risk transmission through airborne particles when your food is delivered.

Include a Delivery Tip

Delivery drivers are working hard to safely pick up and drop off food and groceries for those who are ill, homebound, or simply social distancing during the coronavirus epidemic. A good rule of thumb is to tip 15% for safe grocery delivery services if you can. Leaving a tip with your credit card can provide a contactless method to reward your delivery person. If you choose to leave cash, place it in an envelope outside if possible.

Unpack Your Food Mindfully

Though transmission through packaging is unlikely, COVID-19 can survive on cardboard for up to 24 hours and may live on plastic for two or three days. If you have a meal delivered, transfer it to a plate or other container and wash your hands before eating. For groceries, unpack the items and wash your hands. Disinfect surfaces that the packages made contact with, and always wash produce thoroughly before eating it.

If you’re interested in home delivery for your dining needs, consider a safe grocery delivery service like Smart Shop that will bring everything from your grocery list to your door. Order groceries online and enjoy the safety and convenience of this service as you practice smart social distancing at home.

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