Smart Shop Celebrates New Website

Smart Shop Celebrates New Website

By Lily Erb, Content Writer

Smart Shop has been growing fast as a service, delivering groceries and smiles to doorsteps across America. To keep up with our demand, we’ve been putting together new features that we hope will make the Smart Shop experience faster and easier. One of these features is our new website. 

In 2020, everything seems to be online. Social media, online shopping, and online news outlets are just a few examples of how integrated the internet is with our daily lives. Covid-19 has brought new relevance to our electronic connections with programs like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. We believe that the best way to optimize our customer’s shopping experience is to implement today’s technology. Certain features on the website make shopping more streamlined, while other features offer more information about Smart Shop and Covid-19. We offer a blog page, a page including all our press coverage, and a page where customers can get in contact with the Smart Shop team. 

Smart Shop has been experimenting with different website formats for a while. The first generation of our website was rushed out to meet demand, and it wasn’t conducive to the Smart Shop experience; we found it inconvenient and unprofessional. When redesigning the website, we made sure to take time to do the necessary research to create something efficient and beautiful. We made sure that both the desktop and mobile version of our website are functional and appealing to ensure customer satisfaction even when you're on the go.

Founder of Smart Shop, Joseph Chionchio, has been one of the main voices in the redesigning process. His favorite new feature is the easy navigation of different “aisles,” or pages of products organized by category. “It feels as if you are in a real store but in the comfort of your own home,” said Chionchio. 

Although the website is now up and running, it will never truly be completed. As Smart Shop grows and changes, so will our website. According to Chionchio, “There will always be things to improve. It is an ongoing process.”

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