Continuing Precautions Against Covid-19

Continuing Precautions Against Covid-19

By Lily Erb, Content Writer

In March of 2020, America went into lockdown in an attempt to prevent the spread of Covid-19. For months, people stayed indoors, avoided public gatherings, and only left the house for the essentials. We learned how to adapt, how to socially distance ourselves while still remaining social, and how to incorporate masks into our daily fashion ensembles. We’ve had zoom cocktail parties, birthday car parades, and virtual graduations. For months and months, we’ve done our part to get through this pandemic, which is why it’s so frustrating that it’s not over yet. 

Step by step, America is reopening. Businesses like restaurants, bars, and stores have begun to open their doors and welcome back their loyal customers. People are happy to get out of the house, enjoy a nice meal or do some shopping. While the reopening of our beloved businesses may seem like a positive sign of a return to normalcy, the Coronavirus case numbers in America say otherwise. 

Many states are recording staggering new cases day by day. For the first time in a while, the American death toll from Covid-19 is beginning to rise. According to the New York Times, Florida recently shattered it’s record amount of deaths in one day. ABC7 reports that Miami is now the worldwide epicenter of the virus. In Texas and Arizona, the death toll is so drastic that refrigerated trucks are being prepared to hold bodies because the morgues are so full. Los Angeles County has just recorded its highest count in new cases and hospitalizations, with over 4,200 new cases confirmed. In an attempt to stop national spread, New York State has mandated a self-quarantine for anybody traveling from 22 states, including Florida, Texas, California and Arizona. In a grim comparison, reports that Covid-19 has now killed more Americans than every war and terrorist attack combined since World War II.

The economy is not reopening because we have overcome the virus. The economy is reopening in spite of the virus, and in some states like California, businesses are shutting back down in order to try and contain the spread once again. We cannot let false signs of safety persuade us to bring our guard down. Coronavirus has not gone away, and we must continue to take precautions in order to protect our family, our community, and our loved ones. Please continue to socially distance yourselves, wear a mask, and only go out for the necessities. Staying inside and using grocery delivery services such as Smart Shop can help keep you and your family safe during this ongoing pandemic.

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