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Shop Smarter, Not Harder...

Smart Shop combines all the best aspects of online food and beverage into a single streamlined platform. Our partnered stores along with professional delivery staff aims to take the weekly hassle of grocery shopping out of your schedule. 

Time is valuable! Here is how smart shop allows you to kick back, relax, and let us do the shopping for you.

smart shop's Partnered Stores are Continuously Expanding

With an ever-expanding list of store options, smart shop offers a wide variety of products from your favorite grocery store, to coffee, to wine & liquor, and to beer distributors. 

Mark your Favorite Stores 

Have a particular taste for one of smart shop's partnered stores? Great! You can mark it as one of your favorites to further streamline the ordering process. No need to scroll through stores that serve your area, it will just pop up at the top of the list.We understand the redundancy of constantly entering your card details everytime you pay for a delivery. Therefore, to make this task easy for you, we have brought you this unique scan credit card with which when you scan the card your payment gets done.

Easy Product Access

Each one of our partnered stores has their inventory broken down by category, making product searches an absolute breeze. Also, don't feel like scrolling through a product category? No worries! Just press the magnifying glass icon at the top and search for what you are looking for from that particular store. You can also just search for a product before choosing a preferred store in your area! We'll let you know what store's carry the item your are looking for without having to check through them manually.

So now that you know why you're shopping smarter on our platform, we'll further describe how smart shop ensures an efficient and practical delivery of your order. 

Real Time Tracking

With our smart shop app, when you place an order you can track its progress and know its whereabouts. This gives customers an arrival time estimate within their delivery window. 

Easy Payment

With the flexibility to choose from either a card or wallet, we make sure that the payment process is easy. 

Saved Location

We understand the hassle of constantly entering your address details everytime you place an order. Thus to streamline the process, we offer the saved location feature. Users can save a home and work address from which they can choose when placing an order.

Operation of smart shop

smart shop is extremely easy to use and operate. Below is a simplified breakdown of the ordering process.

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